Branch Ofc. Series #2: Food Waste

As much as 40% of the food we produce in this country is not eaten! 

During this pop up I will be using only food that was destine for the trash, for no fault of its own other than it wasn't pretty enough or customer's didn't know what to do with it. Gourmet food can come from anything and I hope you will join me for an unforgettable meal that I hope will change your perspective on what ends up in your bin.

July 19th at Branch Ofc. 225 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

From 6 to 86'd



TBA based on ingredients accuired




Branch Ofc. Summer Pop Up Series #1

It's summer and time to eat outside!

Join me in the backyard of Branch Ofc. (225 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn) on the third Thursdays this summer.

I'll be cooking up seasonally inspired dishes with a heavy focus on local seafood and foraged ingredients. 



Spread & Bread

-wild greens “jam” w/ seeded buckwheat bread $7


-marinated in vinegar & mugwort served w/ stems and herbs $7

Pork Belly Plant Roll

-mugwort cooked pork belly w/ raw carrots & ginger in a garlic mustard leaf wrap $7

Fish Churro 2.0

-fresh local fish in spiced churro w/ herb aioli $10

Raw Fish

-local bluefish, two year ramps, serviceberries, beachrose vinegar, & wild herbs $10

Tomato Rhubarb Pie

-yellow tomatoes & rhubarb pie w/ anise hyssop whipped cream $7


Winter WAS here!

My second pop up at Butter & Scotch. After the massive success of the first one last fall I am excited to cook here again.

Winter is over, spring has sprung, and the dishes will reflect that theme. Expect a culinary collision of overwintered ingredients and new spring growth!

April 24th at Butter & Scotch.

More details to come @cheftomcoughlan.


Stone Cake $11

-buckwheat & millet quick bread w/ parsnip & yogurt frosting, wild greens & burnt maple syrup

Acorn Pasta $10

-served w/ parsnip-garlic butter sauce & sunflower shoots

Spring Greens & Fall Mushrooms $11

-sauteed dandelion, japanese knotweed, & pickled wild mushrooms

Fried Fish Bits $13

-mix of local fish w/ regional spices & field garlic aioli

Duck Confit $16

-served w/ a spring green salad, maple vinaigrette, & spiced sunflower seeds

Roast Whey Brined Pork Chop $17

-served w/ radishes, chile sauce, & spring shoots


Tradesman Pop Up

Join chef Tom Coughlan, fresh from the tv show Chopped as he brings his unique local and seasonal style to Tradesman for a one night a la carte pop up.

Dec. 13th.

Tradesman, 222 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn.


Salad $7

-cabbage, radish, apple, & cider-ginger vinaigrette

Grains $7

-local wheat, hops, squash oil, and rosemary

Vegetable $7

-butternut squash, roast garlic, sage and horseradish

Mushroom $13

-Brooklyn grown lion’s manes, brown butter, sunchokes, & daikon

Seafood $11

-cured local mackerel, foraged pears, espelette pepper, & leeks

Beef $13

-braised beef, guajillo paste, & broccoli

Dessert $7

-rutabaga custard, bee pollen, pepitas, & concord grape syrup



Our chef's first pop up!

Join our chef Tom Coughlan as he brings his unique style of cooking to Butter & Scotch on Monday, November 6th.

Cooking food that is “familiar but different.”  This menu is pushing the chef's creativity to bring you a menu full of local and seasonal products with the added twist of adding as many foraged ingredients as he can to the mix.

Reservations suggested.

Call 347-350-8899 to make your reservation.

To view a sample menu visit our Facebook page.


Green Ratatoille $9

-windfall green tomatoes, feral summer squash, leeks, and garlic mustard

Sassafras and Maple Roasted Carrots $12

-wild lemon balm and mint

Beets with Cultured Cream $12

-pickled grapes, native nuts, and wild Szechuan peppercorns

Pumpkin Pate with Buckwheat Bread $12

-toasted seeds and spicebush berries

Roasted Acorn Squash $12

-acorns, cider vinegar and maple gastrique, and fried rosemary

Braised Chicken & Mushrooms $14

-chicken of the woods puree and field garlic

Crispy Pork Belly with Forgotten Fruit Sauce $16

-American persimmon, crabapple, and feral apple sauce with celery leaves and carrot greens